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There have been many trends in the casino field this year. Some of the top ones are the upswing of Atlantic City after a financial slump, new casino designs that focus on mid-scale size as opposed to grandiose projects, the continued scouting of other countries as sources of gambling resorts. The gambling community has seen some serious trends this year. The rebounding of Atlantic City being just one. With the opening of Revel, Atlantic City, Atlantic City hopes to rebound from what is now a five year slump in revenue. There has been a surge of capital into the city, and many hope that this means Atlantic City is now trending back towards the casino hot spot it has boasted to being in the past.

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Another trend is the change in the design of new casinos. A more limited availability of capital means simpler, more basic casinos and hotels. Gamblers come to gamble, and while ambiance is nice it is not necessary to have over the top venues in order to create a good ambiance. Many casino companies are scouting areas like Asia to build large gambling resorts. Offering total package vacations may lure those adventurous gamblers around the world. People can see the world, and maybe win enough money to fund the vacation altogether. So while casino trends in the United States are pointing to simpler casinos, companies are still eyeing the availability to offer the grand options to those willing to travel around the world. The gambling market experiences shifts in trends as often as any other market, and is a constant ebb and flow. It is ever changing and growing, and always exciting. Atlantic City

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