Understanding Reasons For Casino Bonus Refusal Online casinos do all that they can in order to attract new players. By offering bonus money for free, they basically guarantee that new players will come in and even keep playing. The problem is that there are always restrictions connected with bonuses. It is very important that you know them. Remember that a casino is not a charitable institution and the reason why it exists is a wish to make money. There are various cases where a casino can refuse releasing a promised bonus. Here is why! Wagering Requirement


The casino has many regulations that refer to withdrawal and crediting of the casino promotion offered. In most cases the wagering requirement appears as a way to guarantee that the player keeps playing. A casino will ask that you bet a specific amount in order for the bonus to be released. In most situations the requirement is 15 to 40 times the bonus amount. As a simple example, if you are promised a bonus of 100$ and the wagering requirement is 20X, your bets need to sum up to $2000. Bonus Whoring Bonus whoring is also known as bonus hunting. This strategy is applied by a disloyal player that just wants to take advantage of casino bonuses. They do not want to make a further deposit. A bonus hunter will create various accounts in online casinos and simply leave when minimum requirements are fulfilled. Wagering requirements are tough because of the many different hunters out there. If the casino suspects that you are just bonus whoring, you will not receive the amount.

Fraudulent Casino Operator Behavior Unfortunately, just like any business, some casino operators are not honest and will try to cheat players. Fraudulent behavior is a problem. Some casinos are rogue, do not have a reputation, just appeared and use doubtful software. Such an online casino will not allow you to cash out a bonus or will simply add a new requirement just as you are close to being able to withdraw. You have to make sure that you only sign up and consider a bonus from online casinos with perfect reputation and no associated problems reported by players. A casino can refuse paying bonuses because of various reasons. By understanding the reasons for casino bonus refusal you can make sure that you will receive cash bonuses. Here are the most common reasons why casino bonuses are refused. Receive the money that you deserve for playing! Be Sociable, Share!